1. Byteballの合意形成アルゴリズムについて、ホワイトペーパーを読んだ限りでの自分の理解を記録する。
  2. ここで合意すべき内容とは、同じユーザーが生成したノード群の順序である。
  3. 具体的には 合意形成 = (MC(best parent(witness(個人の価値観)))) という構造である。

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Ito, K. (2017), “A Commons-Based Intellectual Property Management Incentivised by Peer-Review and Reward Tokens”

Abstract: This paper aims to propose an intellectual property management which can sufficiently incentivise to innovation without providing exclusive rights for creators. Specifically, our model applies citation network and rewarding structure employed in cryptocurrencies, and instead of appropriability mechanisms, creators in the model are compensated by the delegation of subsequent review. This system can improve the social welfare on existing systems by free and open access and less management cost as decentralized autonomous organization.

*This paper is now under the review.*