Keywords: cultural economics, blockchain, network analysis
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His consistent interest is consensus-building in cumulative culture. Cumulative culture, by its nature, requires expertise in one’s own context when evaluating new works (e.g., peer-review of academic papers, critique of contemporary art). For such expertise-dependent consensus-building, can we (i) discover common laws or features across disciplines (positive analysis), or (ii) define and design “better” mechanisms (normative analysis)? To the former, he modeled the dynamic process of consensus-building, with economic growth theory and cumulative cultural evolution. To the latter, he proposed incentive mechanisms for the consensus-building on citation relationships, with random walks on graphs and peer-prediction methods. These studies are important because the consensus-building in cumulative culture could be a fundamental topic for cultural economics and cultural policy.

伊東の一貫した関心は累積的な文化における合意形成である。累積的な文化はその性質上、新たな作品を評価する際に自身の文脈に関する専門知識を必要とする (e.g., 学術論文の査読, 現代美術の批評)。専門知識に依存するこのような合意形成について (i) 事実解明的分析として分野を超えた共通の法則や特徴を発見したり (ii) 規範的分析として「より良い」制度を定義・設計することは可能なのだろうか。前者に対し、彼は経済成長理論累積文化進化論を組み合わせて合意形成の動学的なプロセスをモデル化した。また後者に対し、彼はグラフ上のランダムウォークピア予測法を組み合わせて引用関係の合意形成に用いるインセンティブ・メカニズムを提案した。累積的な文化における合意形成は文化経済学および文化政策の基礎的な主題となりうるため、これらの研究は重要である。

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  • Ito, Kensuke. (2017), “A Survey for the Methodology of the Theories on Cumulative Cultural Evolution”, Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics the 21th anniversary meeting at Kyoto University.
  • Ito, Kensuke. (2015), “A Fundamental Dynamics of Cultural Growth with Microfoundations”, Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics the 19th anniversary meeting at Otaru University of Commerce.

October 2021 Ph.D. in Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at The University of Tokyo (supervised by Professor Noboru Koshizuka)
March 2016 M.A. in Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at The University of Tokyo (supervised by Professor Hideyuki Tanaka)
March 2014 B.A. in Economics at Waseda University (supervised by Professor Yoshiaki Ogura)
March 2010 Waseda Highschool
Work Experience
October 2021 – Project Researcher at Endowed Chair for Blockchain Innovation, the University of Tokyo
April 2017 – Researcher at Startbahn, Inc
March 2014 – March 2017 Manager at Startbahn, Inc
June 2013 – August 2013 Internship at Wako Works of Art
April 2010 – May 2012 Part Timer at Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.