Keywords: economic growth, cumulative cultural evolution, distributed ledger technology

Kensuke ITO is a Ph.D. student in the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at The University of Tokyo. His consistent interest is the process of value creation in the arts and culture field. Specifically, he has been conducting a theoretical study in the field of cumulative cultural evolution, aimed at clarifying the determinants of the accumulation speed of cultural traits. His main contribution in the field is an application of the methods of economic growth theory, which is based on rational agents trying to maximize their own utility. In addition, he is researching Blockchain technology as a practical output of his theory. By combining Blockchains technical property and appropriate incentive design, he is currently designing an autonomous system for promoting user-generated cultural accumulation.    

伊東の一貫した関心とは、文化・芸術分野における価値創造のプロセスである。 具体的には、文化的形質の蓄積速度の決定要因を明らかにすることを志向する累積的文化進化と呼ばれる分野にて理論研究を行っている。 当分野における彼の主な貢献とは、効用最大化を目的とする合理的なエージェントに基づいた経済成長理論の手法を初めて応用した点である。 加えて彼は最近、これまでの成果の現実的な応用先として、分散台帳技術に関する研究を開始した。その技術的特性と適切なインセンティブ設計の組み合わせによって、彼は現在ユーザー生成文化の蓄積を促進するための自律的システムの設計を行っている。


Ito, K. (2017), “A Survey for the Methodology of the Theories on Cumulative Cultural Evolution”, Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics the 21th anniversary meeting at Kyoto University, (non-published).

Ito, K. (2016), “Dynamics of Cumulative Culture with Microfoundation”, Journal of Information Studies, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, The University of Tokyo, No.91.

Ito, K. (2015), “A Fundamental Dynamics of Cultural Growth with Microfoundations”, Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics the 19th anniversary meeting at Otaru University of Commerce, (non-published).

Invited Presentations

Ito, K. (2017), “A Commons-Based Intellectual Property Management Incentivised by Peer-Review and Reward Tokens”, Blockchain and Intellectual Property organized by European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) at Alicante.

Ito, K. (2017), “A Microfoundation for Cumulative Cultural Evolution”, Japanese Society for Matematical Biology (JSMB) the 27th anniversary meeting at Hokkaido University.


March 2016 The University of Tokyo

M.A. in Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (supervised by Professor Hideyuki Tanaka)

March 2014 Waseda University                                                  

B.A. in Economics (supervised by Professor Yoshiaki Ogura)

March 2010 Waseda Highschool

Work Experience

March 2014 – March 2017 Manager ar Startbahn, Inc.

Contributed to the development of startbahn: a web service for sustainable online art market.

June 2013 – August 2013 Internship at Wako Works of Art.
April 2010 – May 2012 Part Timer at Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd.: a contemporary artist

Takashi Murakami’s Office


Japanese (Mother Tongue), English, Chinese (Beginner)